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Jorsala is a vision, a way of life, but it is also a community with members.
The principle of Jorsala is its openness, inviting and welcoming anyone who « wants to go on a tremendous human voyage.

But Jorsala can only live and grow by people who want to continue this commitment by people who are willing « to join ». Anyone who pays an annual « membership fee » of € 10 will be invited to all our meetings and will receive on a regular basis our newsletter.

We would like to become a huge family with a lot of committed members, but our front door will always remain open to anyone who wants to share the values ​​of Jorsala. The Jorsala meetings will always be open to everyone.

Send an email to and we’ll send you in no time a participation form.

Please don’t forget to pay your participation of 10 € on our bank-account
BE65 000 4212515 96.
Banque de la Poste  (Belgium)