Jorsala, eine Einladung

After 144 days of walking,

Jorsala has arrived in Odessa

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Das war 2014:

Men and women crossed whole Europe in a journey together FROM BRUSSELS TO ISTANBUL on foot. A hike of 3.600 kilometer from the capital of Europe, passing the Balkans’ former geopolitical fault lines, to finally reach the gate to the East. The aim was the promotion of intercultural dialogue.

2014: Ypres – Brussels – Sarajevo – Istanbul

A hundred years after the beginning of World War I, Jorsala commemorated the fracture lines of that time, from Ypres to Sarajevo. This journey of 2.230 km on foot was dedicated to solidarity and dialogue, with a moment of remembrance in Ypres and Sarajevo and hope for the future. From Sarajevo, Jorsala continued to Istanbul, the final destination of Jorsala 2014 where Some of the walkers. the walkers arrived on October the 16th. A total of 3.600 km.

Jorsala 2014: Ypres – Sarajevo

What is Jorsala?

Jorsala is a path which crosses Europe and which creates spaces to bridge cultural, religious, political and ethnical differences.

What is Jorsala?



Ypres– Brussels – Metz – Strasbourg – Bregenz – Bolzano – Trieste – Rijeka – Bihac – Mostar -Sarajevo – Novi Pazar – Pristina – Skopje – Plovdiv – Istanbul

Jorsala 2014

Everyone was welcome to walk with us, the whole path or a part of it. Everyone walked on his own rhythm, alone or in a group. On our way, we foudn 16 intersection points with accommodation, each time in a bigger city. There people could join our finish they journey.