… is a vision

– that believes in the power of difference and the wealth of diversity
– that stimulates trust in the unknown and the unexpected
– that creates, develops and cherishes new connections.

… is an invitation

– for anyone, no matter which background, culture or belief
– to walk together and get to know each other on this way
– to create new bonds across borders
– to stimulate and connect to your own inner-being, to deepen your humanity.

… offers you an opportunity

– to meet people from other cultures which you would never learn to know
– to be open to the unknown
– to go on a voyage of discovery both towards yourself and others
– to develop meaningful perspectives in a complex world in mutation.

… goes for a walk

– on foot, in contact with the Earth and with each other
– slowly, to discover yourself
– together, in order to erode our resistances
– through and by diversity.

… is an intense exchange

– from your own experience
– beyond our fears and resistances
– rooted in solidarity and mutual acceptance
– with new perspectives on the horizon