Time for another Jorsalawalk!


Our next Jorsala Café of Saturday March 18 will be an extraordinary BENEFIT EVENT and will take place at Ploef! vzw, Bonaventurastraat 100, in 1090 Jette (Brussels).

We hope to be able to call upon your – free of any obligation – financial generosity. It will also be a moment to capture ideas about how to attract new funds.

At 4 p.m. sharp (till 6 p.m.) you can participate in one or more dialogue tables that will be mentored by Sébastien de Fooz and Faden Durgun. It is important to register for these dialogue tables in advance by an e-mail to as the number of participants is limited to 12 persons.

As of 6 p.m. everyone is welcome for:

· a presentation of the upcoming Jorsala walk Ostend-Odessa 2017;
· polyphonic songs by the theatre company Leporello;
· a presentation of the special Jorsala song for the long walk of 2017;
· a short performance by Kourosh Garegani;
· a photo show by Willem Vermeersch (Jorsala walk Ypres-Istanbul 2014);
· a recording by Patrick Vink (on the spot in Ploef) of a short coverage (film) about Jorsala, including a few interviews with attendees or participants.

Again, we will prepare our legendary pasta alla genovese (with pesto sauce), the dish which was so well received in Hoegaarden (remember the walk Brussels – Aachen, 2012). The contribution for this meal is EUR 10,00 to be paid on the spot. Extra funds and gifts are, of course, also welcome.

See you all in large numbers on March 18. For the benefit of JORSALA! Thank you for your support. email!


Jorsala Dialogue Walk

Where? Aalst
When? Sunday, September 25, 2016, from 9:45 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Start: in front of the railway station, Stationsplein, 9300 Aalst at 9:45 a.m.
10:00 -10:10: short walk to the other side of the Dender river
10:10 to 11:00: tea ceremony at a local Moroccan barbershop
11-12:45: walk from the center of Aalst, through the local natural reserve Osbroek-Gerstjens, to the city park of Aalst
12:45: pick-nick in the open (weather permitting) or in the Osbroek Sports Center cafeteria; all participants are invited to bring their own sandwiches and drinks.
13:45: walk from the city park to the Meeting Center ‘De Brug’ in Hertshage 11, 9300 Aalst
14:30: Jorsala café in the meeting room ‘Cafetaria’ of De Brug (drinks will be available)

– introductory meeting for newcomers
– time to familiarize or get to know each other better
– exchange experiences and personal motivations
– brainstorm about future Jorsala activities and walks
– brief, plan and prepare the 2017 Jorsala walk Ostend-Odessa
– hold a Jorsala moment of reflection
– give feedback and comments with respect to today’s walk
– share thoughts and visions, announce Jorsala news, draft To Do Lists for work group
– miscellaneous.

17:30: end


This was the walk to Istanbul (2014)
Jorsala 2014 starts from Ieper through Brussels to Sarajevo and Istanbul.

A hundred years after the outbreak of World War 1, Istanbul and Sarajevo symbolize the horror resulting from the disrespect for differences and the lack of dialogue between people.
The town council of Ieper will give coverage to the departure of all the volunteers on May 8.
On May 14, the Belgian Senate is organizing a reception for the hikers. Official meetings are planned in Sarajevo.
Afterwards, the walkers are going on to Istanbul following the historical fracture lines.

The way from Ypres to Brussels is thought to be a launching walk. It is really well organized with the opportunity to let the participants know more about each other and Jorsala.
The more than 3000 km hike is properly starting in Brussels.
You can buy maps in any shop. We will indicate the most important waypoints, which is very useful for anyone searching his way with a GPS.

Each participant is responsible for his route, alone or in groups. It means: transport to the startpoint, walk with the backpack, finding his travel route and food, meeting people in their diversity, looking for a night overstay, way to come back home full of enthusiastic stories.
The following items are essential: a good physical condition, walking experience, adapted gear (clothing, backpack, maybe a tent) and a personal insurance. You will be given some more practical tips.

On your way you find 16 intersections. Details will soon be found on our website. At each meeting point you will be provided for a sleeping place. Times to meet each other are planned.
Feel free to start your journey or to leave at each intersection.
After registration you can start your hike and you get all the useful information.

Each hiker decides the way he participates: either the whole trip, a part of it (f.e: a hike between 2 intersections) or even one day.

You can join us for the very well organized launching walk Ypres-Brussels, nevertheless, there is a priority arrangement for the walkers who will continue the hike beyond Brussels…

I want to join the walk!