The first JorsalaWalk in 2012: from Brussels to Aachen

A hike from Brussels to Aachen

From the 31st of March until the 12th of April 2012, sixty people whom were a part of the socio-cultural diversity of Belgium, hiked together from Brussels to Aachen (Germany). They walked throughout their journey along the Great Hiking Trails (GR, or Grande Randonnée). Several activities were organised during their voyage (a concert at a care giving centre for handicapped people, a local festivity gathering in Leuven (Flanders, Belgium) with an official reception at the City Hall, a reception in a castle, a night in a mosque, a visit to a refugee centre in Trooz (South-East of Belgium), an official reception in Liege and Aachen, … At the launch, there was a larger event in the St. John Baptist Church of Molenbeek (Brussels) where we were invited to a Sufi concert.


The sixty hikers who participated, were representative of the diversity of the country. They walked approximately 20 to 25 kilometres a day.
They were often invited to meet local people.
In some municipalities, meetings and events were organised in which the local population met participants at roundtables, debates, concerts, cultural and historical tours, meetings with local associations,… each time the focus was to promote dialogue. Everywhere the Jorsala-walkers went they were welcomed with open arms.



The localities Jorsala crossed